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i wonder if there'll be a good effect if i decide to really pursue a shortcut to animation by using stop motion animation from the flight sim game (which has the aircraft as well...) by taking screenshots continuously at a reduced game speed. these i shall "bitmap trace" to resemble flash drawn stuff.

of course there'll still be the traditional tidbits like FBF of pilot close ups and dialogues and shit like that.

what are your opinions?

late night thoughts

2011-03-16 15:19:29 by RPRMT0054611

here i am in the aftermath of finishing the 4th episode of my creations... and some thoughts keep nagging me. should i get some sleep? it's 3:30 AM in the Philippines. damn, i love my country. you'd never know it was 3 in the morning till you looked at the time.

"there's something about mary" is on the TV.

i lied down once and had trouble closing my eyes.

thinking about a f===ckn huge airship thrice the size of the Hindenburg - oh you "national socialists" and aetheists can heil your fuhrer in hell. (i wonder where that came from?)

going back to the airship.
fu'''n huge. big guns. 18 inch battleship guns. a navy that floats. in the air. air ships. get it?

hmmm.... air ships fighting a "naval" battle at 20 000 feet looks cool.

thought of "the spirit of adventure". "UP".
dogs flying planes. launched from an airship. now that was cool.

hmmm... air ships fighting a "naval" battle at 20 000 feet, with "carrier based" aircraft.

They call carriers "flat tops". i don't wonder why.

big f'n airship with big badass naval guns on the ventral aspect and some serving as carriers.

THAT might be cool. let's see the battle of santa cruz islands.. but with airships and at 20 000 feet in the sky.

aww crud. why can i not stop thinking as i go to sleep. =(

revenue sharing

2010-10-21 03:52:03 by RPRMT0054611

Just a question.

How does this revenue sharing thing work and how does one avail of it?

anyone? I do need a bit of enlightenment here..

los guerreros movie

2009-10-28 13:54:50 by RPRMT0054611

i appreciate that some viewers were honest enough to give the movie a "not very impressive" rating, and yes, i admit, it is not that impressive in terms of fancy effects and voice overs. . . voice overs. i wouldnt want to ruin everything with my horrible voice! LOL

but i will see to it that even if the movie may never have voice overs (only grunts or vague representations of death throes or pain and that kind) that the text will remain readable and understandable. . .

I would also like to add that pursuing medicine is hard. . . and yes, i wouldnt have all the time in the world to devote on turning a couple of internship stories-turned short story ... stories into a flash movie. . . i would love to but yes, it is hard work. . . oh well, i guess i will have more time in the future, i just hope you guys wouldnt get bored. . .

i'm trying to constantly evolve my skills with flash. . . see, after learning about macromedia flash about 3 years ago, i've been trying to teach myself the workings of tweens and alphas and everything one can find in the milieu that is the flash interface. . .

i had to deviate from the original story and script to make the flash movie a little more compact. . . but rest assured, i guarantee the ending to be a fucking blast. (objectives - - - shootouts in a restaurant and a warehouse, an adrenaline-packed car chase around the city streets of Manila, and the finale, a fight-to-the-death gunbattle on board a PNR (Philippine Nat'l Railroad) train-2 trains to be exact.